Haifa’s Answer

Haifa, Israele, Dicembre 2011
Regia: Emanuela Del Re
Operatore: Ruben Lagattolla

Different communities living together in the same town in a country of conflicts strive to find a form of coexistence that would respect the identity of each of them, allowing dialogue and peaceful coexistence. Haifa is a unique example of a form of coexistence that finds its utmost and highest symbolic expression in the Holiday of Holidays, a unique and extraordinary festival in which the most significant holidays of the three main religions of the local population – Judaism, Islam and Christianity – are celebrated at the same time. The festival is a true example of conflict resolution and prevention, because it is focused on art and traditions that are particularly representative of the Arab and Jewish population. Is coexistence possible then? The film explores all this and many other issues taking the viewer by hand in an exciting and involving journey, delineating an optimistic and critical picture of a situation that although still complex, incomplete and full of contrasts is perceived by the local population as hopeful. More than 50 interviews in four languages and long field work, giving voice to artists, intellectuals, religious leaders, politicians, activists, and the people of Haifa, are at the basis of this film, that launches a message for the populations in conflict and for those in peace.

more info at http://www.haifasanswer.it


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